Image: The Fabricant

1. Multinational brands must be China-specific, not rely solely on global experience to thrive on the mainland, analysts say: Consumer brands need to be agile and adapt to rapid change and keen local competition to thrive in China, and avoid the blind application of global practices. – Read More on SCMP

2. Metaverse: How retail, real estate and hospitality could benefit. “This whole concept of co-creation and co-building and having customers take more ownership of the brand itself is such a powerful construct. I think the metaverse will finally give it the reality.” – Read More on Yahoo

3. SoftBank-Backed Sandbox Said to Seek Funds at $4 Billion Value: The Sandbox, a platform that allows users to trade and monetize virtual assets in the Ethereum blockchain, is looking to raise about $400 million from both new and existing investors. – Read More on Bloomberg

4. RELATED READ: Metaverse Market Watch – A Running Timeline of Funding and M&A. Here’s a timeline of investments and M&A events to provide a broad overview of which players are raising funding, getting acquired, and what the trajectory of this segment of the market – which only appears to be gaining in steam – looks like more generally. – Read More on TFL

5. How Abercrombie & Fitch fell out of fashion: In 2003, under Jeffries, the company faced a class action racial discrimination lawsuit from California which alleged that the company turned down minorities for sales positions, relegated them to stockrooms, and had their hours reduced when their looks weren’t Abercrombie enough. – Read More on the Guardian