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1. The post-pandemic spending spree has begun: Champagne, skirts and shaving kits are some items that have sold at higher rates in recent weeks. Clothing stores saw sales rise by 18.3 percent. – Read More on CNBC

2. In Luxury, Finding the Right Price Is Everything: Pricing for luxury is counterintuitive. In the world of normal and premium products, we are used to the idea that product complexity drives value. What matters is the brand story, and that is totally against our human intuition. How can a story be more valuable than something you can touch and feel? – Read More on Jing Daily

3. RETRO READ: What Are Luxury Brands Really Selling? Brands – the big, well-established, world-famous ones, at least – are in the business of selling their trademarks, and the marketing-driven, “luxury”-centric messages (i.e., the story-telling) associated with them. – Read More on TFL

4. Retail M&A Expected to Heat Up Through the Pandemic: Merger values had plummeted some 80 percent as the initial round of lockdowns began, but the activity picked up again toward the end of the year to close 2020 at a 29 percent decline in M&A values overall in the Americas, according to a December report by the consulting group EY. – Read More on Yahoo

5. As shipping costs increase, brands are rethinking their growth strategies: The trick for brands going forward is to continue walking the infinite channel diversification tightrope. That way, he went on, companies are prepared “for when the next inevitable supply chain breakdown happens.” – Read More on Modern Retail

6. Future Returns: Investing in the Global Luxury Industry: Luxury goods may not see a full recovery until 2022 or 2023, but the speedy adaptation to selling online undertaken by many companies offers a compelling reason to consider investing in luxury stocks. – Read More on Barron’s