1. The wave of lawsuits that could kill social networks: Large platforms face several legal challenges in the United States accusing them of knowingly harming the mental health of young people. – Read More on El Pais

2. The Secret History of AI, and a Hint at What’s Next: Generate AI is being integrated into search and productivity tools from Microsoft, Google, and countless startups in every field imaginable, from healthcare and logistics to tax prep and videogames. – Read More on the WSJ

3. Tiffany’s Cathedral of Consumerism Will Shine Beyond New York: The reopening of the jeweler’s flagship New York store next week is an opportunity for owner LVMH to advertise its ambition to increase global sales.– Read More on Bloomberg

4. RELATED READ: From Tiffany & Co. to Daniel Roth: A Hard Luxury Push is Underway at LVMH. LVMH has embarked on a sweeping revamp of iconic jewelry brand, complete with an aggressive attempt to lure millennials by way of buzzy marketing and new offerings, including a bracelet, the Lock, that is being positioned to compete with Cartier’s much-coveted Love bracelet. – Read More on TFL

5. First-ever A.I. Fashion Week debuts in NYC: Hundreds of collections were submitted to the first-ever A.I. Fashion Week in New York City from designers around the world.  – Read More on NBC

6. Luxury Goods in the Middle East: A s luxury sales growth slows elsewhere, high-end brands will turn to the untapped potential of emerging markets like the Middle East. The luxury sector can hasten the process by targeting the region’s more diverse and digitally connected global consumer base. – Read More on Insider

7. Luxury brands Coach, Gucci reap windfall in China from pandemic investments in digital sales and marketing: Creation of WeChat mini-programs, flagship stores on e-commerce platforms and presence on social-media networks like Douyin are paying off, analysts say. – Read More on SCMP