1. “In trying to slow down fast fashion, regulators should focus on overproduction.” Emissions from fashion would need to fall by 50-60% within the next seven years to stay below 1.5-degree increased warming. – Read More on Reuters

2. With TikTok and Lawsuits, Gen Z Takes on Climate Change. With active lawsuits in five states, TikTok videos that mix humor and outrage, and marches in the streets, it’s a movement that is seeking to shape policy, sway elections and shift a narrative that its proponents say too often emphasizes climate catastrophes instead of the need to make the planet healthier and cleaner. – Read More on the New York Times 

3. Chinese E-Commerce Giants Pivot to Selling Inexpensive Goods. China’s biggest e-commerce firms are moving toward selling more discounted goods as Chinese shoppers increasingly hunt for bargains amid economic uncertainty. – Read More on the WSJ

4. Levi’s first-ever chief digital officer is ‘focusing on the fundamentals’ to triple e-commerce sales. “If the consumer wants to shop in the metaverse, then for sure, we’re going to test that. For right now, though, we’re focusing on the fundamentals.” – Read More on Modern Retail

5. US Consumers Are Just Bored, Not Strapped. Retailers say customers are starting to tighten the purse strings. That may be due less to shoppers feeling stretched and more to a sort of post-pandemic hangover. – Read More on Bloomberg