1. Victoria’s Secret is latest retailer to cut its 2022 outlook: Victoria’s Secret VSCO said its profits amounted to $70 million in the quarter, compared with $151 million in the second quarter of 2021. – Read More on MarketWatch

2. Three things Gap needs to fix to turn its struggling business around: Prove out the Yeezy bet. More than two years later, it’s unclear just how much the Yeezy gear will move the needle for Gap, if at all. – Read More on CNBC

3. Florida adopts anti-ESG rule for state’s $186B pension plan: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ administration on Aug. 23 approved a resolution barring the state’s $186 billion pension fund from considering environmental, social or governance factors when making investment decisions. – Read More on S&P Global

4. Can e-commerce help customs agencies fix old problems? Conservative estimates project that the market for cross-border e-commerce will grow from $300 billion in 2020 to $1 trillion by 2030. In a bolder scenario, the overall market could total $2 trillion by the end of this decade. – Read More on McKinsey

5. Levi’s CEO Chip Bergh: “I’d love to work with Dior. [Also,] we worked with Tremaine Emory, who had a brand called Denim Tears. He’s now the lead designer at Supreme, and I’m hoping that we will be able to continue to partner with him, even though Supreme is owned by one of our competitors.” – Read More on the WSJ