Image: Ulta

1. Shein’s low prices are setting fast fashion on fire: Shein may be one of the most successful clothing brands that you’ve never heard of. The fast-fashion giant is where Gen Z shoppers go to find cheap, trendy clothing. Over the course of the pandemic, the brand managed to bring in nearly $10 billion in sales. – Read More on Globe & Mail

2. Ulta Beauty raises 2021 outlook on ‘recovery’ for beauty products retail: The company’s performance reflects “the recovery of the beauty category,” Chief Executive Dave Kimbell said in a statement. “Our value proposition is strong, and we are evolving and innovating to lead in the new beauty landscape, capture additional market share, and drive profitable growth.” – Read More on MarketWatch

3. Post-Rana Plaza: Why is the fast fashion industry still growing? In the last 20 years, there has been a 400% upsurge in clothing consumption. With low-cost garments and online shopping beginning to take off, the fashion industry proves itself to be a key contributor to climate change and a global threat. – Read More on OAG

4. Dick’s Sporting Goods, other retailers crack code of driving up profits: The company’s CEO echoed a theme of many retailers this quarter: Widening margins, as consumers go on a spending spree and companies learn how to operate a more efficient e-commerce business. – Read More on CNBC

5. ‘They fear the factory can’t last’: Pandemic takes local fashion from boom to bust in Sydney. “If you send manufacturing overseas it adds micro-complexities within the supply chain,” and this can lead to issues like quality control and lags in delivery times. – Read More on the Guardian