Image: Lively

1. Antitrust scrutiny could further slow Amazon, big tech M&A activity: Growing scrutiny will lead Amazon to pursue even fewer overall acquisitions, and limit deals to smaller, less well-known companies that fly under the radar, experts say. It is likely to target companies in areas such as cloud computing and emerging technologies, and steer clear of deals in areas such as privacy and surveillance that could add to the narrative that Amazon holds too much power, especially amid the economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic. – Read More on S&P Global

2. RETRO READ: Is Amazon an Antitrust Lawsuit Waiting to Happen? “Monopolistic and exclusionary acts” come in the form of “Amazon’s use of its Amazon Marketplace platform to gather analytics on its Marketplace partners, then to enter their markets while using its data advantage and crushing terms to overtake the space.” – Read More on TFL

3.The Gen Z Threat: Why Winning the Shopper of the Future Requires a New Approach to Brand-Building. Gen Z’s awareness of and love for top brands are significantly lower than among older generations, and these measures have only continued to weaken since the COVID-19 outbreak. Just as this generation’s brand preferences are more dispersed across newer, more niche and disruptive brands, so too is their loyalty toward, consumption of, and affinity for the wider range of brands in their universe. – Read More on Morning Consult

4. Retail Landlords Offer Pandemic Clauses in New Leases: Because many insurance policies didn’t cover pandemic-related losses, landlords have offered various concessions to attract and retain tenants, including allowing them to defer part of their rent if another shutdown is ordered. Both sides get breathing room: Tenants are able to lower expenses while landlords are still able to collect some money for overhead and their mortgage. – Read More on the Wall Street Journal

5. Some bra sales are up: Popular intimates brands report that they saw a shift in what consumers were buying pre- and post- pandemic. At ThirdLove, wireless bra sales increased 58% since the shelter-in-place orders went into effect in March. Loungewear sales at Lively were up 1,000%. While total women’s apparel sales were down 28% from April to June, bra sales were only down 16%. – Read More on Acorns

6. The Costco Membership Model Comes for Luxury Fashion: By aligning itself with establishment brands, Italic Inc. doesn’t have to spend what other DTC startups have had to shell out to build consumer trust. A $36 hoodie feels less cheap once you read—in large type under the picture—that it’s made in the same place as a $375 Armani version.Read More on Bloomberg