Image: TRR

1. Fashion retailers welcome the rise in clothing prices but the industry’s recovery remains tenuous: Besides higher shipping costs, retailers’ supply chains have been stressed almost to the breaking point. “This isn’t a short-term problem, but one that is going to be with us for some time.” – Read More on Forbes

2. How Governments Can Kick-off the Future of Fashion: The only way to alleviate overproduction would be to switch to a service model and invest in digitization and transparency. We see once again the need for mandatory sustainability reports that clearly present brands’ environmental and social impacts and for brands to be held accountable for their products during their entire life cycle. – Read More on Real Leaders

3. RELATED READ: Brands May Soon Be Breaking the Law by Destroying Unsold Inventory. In France, companies will have to donate or recycle their unsold items, including clothing, shoes, cosmetics, daily hygiene products, electronics, books, household appliances, etc., as long as those products do not “pose a health or safety risk.” – Read More on TFL

4. Levi Strauss to buy apparel brand Beyond Yoga, launching into activewear: Levi expects the acquisition will add more than $100 million to its net revenue next fiscal year, and immediately bolster its earnings. “We’ve been looking at acquisitions for quite some time, and the activewear space has obviously been very, very attractive.” – Read More on CNBC

5. After a year of no travel, brands are investing in duty-free exclusives again: In a digital age of easy price comparison, tax-free items still might not stack up to a sale on Amazon or at a consumer’s local grocery store. Instead, airport retailers and brands are now focusing on creating “unique” and “emotional” experiences. – Read More on Modern Retail