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1. A $4,115 digital handbag and a $341,000 virtual tiara: Here are some of the fashion brands that have joined the metaverse. The business potential for an entirely new virtual world is not lost on fashion brands, which are looking for a new consumer base to tap into. – Read More on Fortune

2. RELATED READ: Branding in the Metaverse and the Future of Virtual Goods Trademarks. While Nike is an early-mover both in terms of its entrance into the metaverse (it first partnered with Roblox back in 2019 and with video game-makers before that) and in terms of its trademark filings, the Swoosh is not the only trademark that is going to populate the growing metaverse. – Read More on TFL

3. India’s Aditya Birla Fashion to buy exclusive rights to Reebok in India: The deal will be effective once the global ownership of the Reebok brand is transferred from Adidas to Authentic Brands Group under a $2.37 billion acquisition announced in August. – Read More on Reuters

4. Chanel Picks Luxury Industry Outsider Leena Nair as Its Next CEO: It’s relatively rare for luxury companies to hire top executives from outside the industry, which has traditionally favored insiders or—in the case of the many family-run fashion houses—scions of the business founders. – Read More on the WSJ

5. Chanel’s fashion head on why prices might keep rising, ‘ultimate luxury’, sustainability, and creating surprises in Hong Kong: “I think that the increases will continue to happen not because of Chanel but the global situation. We want to offer the best creations to our customers so yes, it’s expensive.” – Read More on SCMP