1. A quarter of clothes in UK wardrobes have not been worn for a year: The UN says the fashion industry produces up to 8% of global carbon emissions and that textile workers are often poorly paid and forced to work long hours. – Read More on WE Forum

2. Inditex profit jumps as Zara owner lifts prices: The world’s biggest fashion retailer’s store and online sales rose 19% from a year ago, slightly faster than analysts had expected. Price rises of 5% or more across some ranges since the spring helped drive sales, analysts said. – Read More on Reuters

3. Supply-Chain Shortfalls Targeted by New Bill: Sen. Marco Rubio and Rep. Ro Khanna introduced legislation on Tues. that would force leaders at cabinet-level agencies to identify weaknesses in U.S. supply chains that could hurt national security and domestic manufacturing growth. – Read More on the WSJ

4. RELATED READ: The Big Challenges for Supply Chains in 2022. First – and probably the most obvious to many of us – was the unprecedented pressures on global supply chains created by the COVID pandemic, and the subsequent series of lockdowns and restrictions, which varied in their timing and severity from country to country. – Read More on TFL

5. FTX committed ‘old fashioned embezzlement,’ CEO tells lawmakers in hearing: The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the SDNY charged disgraced crypto executive Sam Bankman-Fried with eight criminal counts: conspiracy to commit wire fraud and securities fraud, individual charges of securities fraud and wire fraud, money laundering and conspiracy to avoid campaign finance regulations. – Read More on CNBC