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1. UK retail chiefs earn among highest multiples of workers’ wages: Retailers Tesco and JD Sport, and gambling group GVC, were also among the UK companies with the biggest gap between pay for their chief executives and the average worker, according to a report by think-tank High Pay Centre and the Standard Life Foundation. – Read More on the FT

2. Is luxury resale the future of fashion? There is somewhere between half a trillion and a trillion dollars’ worth of luxury goods in people’s closets, and probably half of it is unworn. Resale is a fundamental solution to the enormous environmental challenges that we face. – Read More on McKinsey

3. RELATED READ: What a Decision Over Ferrari’s “Testarossa” Trademarks Means for Luxury Brands in the Resale Economy. The decision of the CJEU, which is still subject to “verification” by the Düsseldorf Court, “is particularly relevant to the automotive sector.” At the same time, the “relatively low threshold needed to demonstrate ‘genuine use’” may also be applicable to luxury brands more broadly, should brands offer up second-hand goods and/or services in connection with pre-existing products that they have already sold.  – Read More on TFL

4. Fast-Fashion Giants Sped Up in Recent Weeks, Then Fresh Lockdowns Hit: Fast-fashion giants H&M Group and Inditex on Tuesday touted an improvement in business in recent weeks, even as the renewal of coronavirus lockdowns weighed on their performances — offering evidence that efforts at both companies are paying off. – Read More on WWD

5. Twitter has been fined $547,000 by the Irish data regulator for breaching Europe’s new privacy law: Twitter has been fined by the Irish data regulator for breaching Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation. “The DPC has found that Twitter infringed Article 33(1) and 33(5) of the GDPR in terms of a failure to notify the breach on time to the DPC and a failure to adequately document the breach.” – Read More on CNBC

6. Adidas Has Three Months to Decide Reebok’s Future: After two months of speculation, Adidas has confirmed that it is looking to offload the Reebok brand it acquired in 2006 for $3.8 billion. The global athleticwear and footwear company said that a decision would be announced on March 10 at its annual investor conference. – Read More on Sourcing Journal