1. A Better Way to Match Supply and Demand in the Retail Supply Chain: One contributing factor is suppliers’ conventional practice of relying on orders from its immediate customer in the supply chain and not forecasts of end-customer demand to plan production. – Read More on HBR

2. Solid Holiday Sales Pave Way for Supply-Chain Recovery in 2023, DHL Says: Peak season for shopping in North America is shaping up to be pretty solid so far, especially given the Scrooge-like effects that inflation can have on consumer behavior. – Read More on Bloomberg

3. Exor has 6.5 bln euro firepower, no talks with Armani: Elkann said the company would invest around 5 billion euros in new companies it wants to buy, potentially a large one and three to five smaller ones, with a focus mainly on healthcare, luxury and technology. – Read More on Reuters

4. Fashion growth outweighs sustainability bids: Growth in the fashion industry is outweighing attempts by brands and retailers to reduce their environmental impacts, according to a new report from the WRAP charity’s Textiles 2030 initiative. – Read More on Ecotextile

5. Indigenous creators use fashion event to critique big brands: Millions of Indigenous peoples try to make a living and maintain their heritage by selling crafts and weaving designs but rarely see the profits, according to a recent report from the UN’s Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. – Read More on Axios