1. Revamping Africa’s fashion industry: Clothing donations have created a booming but problematic industry valued at $1.84 billion in 2021, up 28% from the previous year. More than 40% of the world’s used clothing exports come from three countries – China (17%), the U.S. (16%), and the UK (8%). – Read More on Quartz

2. You’re not going to stop shopping for new clothes. Here’s what to do instead: “‘Just stop buying stuff’ is a very lazy response and does not reflect the complexity of fashion and its positive impacts for workers.” – Read More on Washington Post

3. Activist investor calls for BlackRock CEO Fink to step down over ESG “hypocrisy.” Bluebell — an activist fund with around $250 million in assets under management that holds a tiny stake in BlackRock — has previously targeted the likes of Richemont and Solvay. – Read More on CNBC

4. Luxury stocks rise after China eases zero-COVID restrictions: With China’s economy on the road to recovery, this has sent positive signals to global luxury companies since China has become the world’s second-largest luxury consumer market, which explains the massive boost to stocks. – Read More on DAO Insights

5. Fashion Brand Vince Explores Options Including a Sale: The company is working with an adviser on the process, the people said, asking not to be identified discussing private information. No final decision has been made and Vince could opt to remain independent, the people said. – Read More on Bloomberg

6. As its fashion empire booms, Shein wants an ESG makeover: Shein is trying to elevate its business practice to global standards by hiring a clutch of industry veterans. One of the major allegations against the fashion giant is labor exploitation. – Read More on TechCrunch