Image: Fendi

1. The Future of Fashion Doesn’t Involve Owning Any Clothes: People also want to buy less. We know consumer spending has been hit due to COVID-19 but, even pre-pandemic, buying patterns were also moving towards extending the life cycle of clothing. – Read More on Forbes

2. As New York Fashion Week begins, the clothing industry ponders its future: “Comfort is here to stay. But if you notice the way people are reacting when they get vaccinated, there is this tremendous sigh of relief.” – Read More on Marketplace

3. Why Your Luxury Brand Will Fail Without Gen-Z Customers: Around ten percent of luxury purchases worldwide are made by Generation Z, but that share is significantly higher in China at roughly 15 percent. And the best brands already get up to 20 percent of Gen-Z customers today. – Read More on Jing

4. Smaller cakes, shorter dresses, bigger diamonds: The pandemic is shaking up the $73 billion wedding industry. Couples are redirecting their wedding dollars — splurging on engagement rings, individually packed charcuterie plates and macarons, and moving away from multicourse dinners, traditional venues and tiered cakes. – Read More on the Washington Post

5. FTC’s Amazon settlement signals wider focus on worker protections, gig economy: The Federal Trade Commission’s recent settlement with Inc. puts the rest of Big Tech on notice as the agency is signaling a willingness to investigate the treatment of temporary or contract workers employed in the so-called gig economy, regulatory experts said. – Read More on S&P Global

6. Main Street business failure fears rise again in pandemic whipsaw: 10% of small business owners say they’ve shut down and have yet to reopen. Another 4% say they’ve shut down, reopened, and then shut down again. – Read More on CNBC