Image: Bottega Veneta

1. Could Brexit Destroy British Fashion? According to industry body Walpole, 42 percent of all British luxury goods are exported to the EU. Now, Britain-based fashion brands are contending with mountains of new customs procedures and taxes, where one erroneously checked box or stroke of the pen can mean time-consuming delays or fines. – Read More on the New York Times

2. ESG Debt Boom Sparks Worry Firms Get Away With Bare Minimum: Cash-rich ESG investors need to resist temptation to overlook modest goals after a further $347 billion poured into ESG-focused funds last year, an all-time high. Simply buying a bond with a sustainability label is not enough. – Read More on Bloomberg

3. Here’s Why Bottega Veneta Deleted Their Instagram Account: “Bottega has decided, in line with its positioning. to lean much more on its ambassadors and fans by giving them the material they need to talk about the brand through various social networks, by letting them speak for the brand rather than doing it itself.” – Read More on W Magazine

4. Alexander Wang, Who Built His Brand Around Partying, Faces More Misconduct Claims: The 10 men represented by Ms. Bloom include David Casavant, a 30-year-old fashion stylist and fashion archivist who occasionally worked with Mr. Wang professionally and also encountered him socially at parties and clubs. – Read More on the New York Times

5. RELATED READ: As Alexander Wang Accusers Speak Out, Will They Band Together and Sue? On the civil front, questions have been floated on social media about whether individuals that have allegedly been victims of Wang can – or will – band together and collectively take legal action against the designer similar to the way accusers of Harvey Weinstein did when they accused the film executive, the Weinstein Company, and a number of the company’s officers, directors, and executives of perpetrating and/or facilitating Weinstein’s decades-long pattern of unlawful sexual harassment and assault by way of a class action filed in 2017. – Read More on TFL