Image: Shopbop

1. After acquiring Shopbop in 2006, Amazon is pushing its big-name brands onto the platform to build its fashion credibility: “There are some brands that create restrictions. It’s almost a negotiating point; you can negotiate to not let them [sell your brand on Amazon], but we didn’t see anything wrong with being on Amazon.” – Read More on Glossy

2. Gucci’s creative director: “Fashion is not only about garments.” Michele has been an industry sensation since 2015, when he radically transformed Gucci, then a fading icon of glossy noughties glamour, into a purveyor of quirky, eccentric maximalist chic. – Read More on the Guardian

3. Forever 21’s New Owners in Talks to Keep Most U.S. Stores Open: The company is planning to launch or expand wholesale lines in jewelry, footwear and handbags. It’s also planning to expand the Riley Rose beauty brand. Authentic Brands’ owner envisions “multiple” collaborations with other brands, both his own (Juicy couture, anyone?) and outside ABG. – Read More on Bloomberg

4. Amazon Will Be a Pale Imitator of Alibaba’s Luxury Look: The U.S. tech giant is readying a new fashion site to rival Tmall Luxury Pavilion. But it will have a harder time luring important brands than its Chinese rival because outside of their non-native China, many brands prefer to do the work themselves. – Read More on WSJ

5. Why the Solution to Fast Fashion Might Be Luxury Goods: Despite the massive success of fast fashion brands across Southeast Asia and the world, consumer sentiment is gradually shifting as companies become more conscious. – Read More on Entrepreneur

6. How Victoria’s Secret Lost Its Grip: Victoria’s Secret became a powerhouse lingerie retailer thanks to the vision of executives at its parent company. But amid changing consumer tastes, harassment accusations and ties to Jeffrey Epstein now under scrutiny, the once iconic brand’s stock has been tumbling and it has signaled it may be looking for a buyer. – Watch More on WSJ