Image: Farfetch

1. Luxury’s Top Stocks Share Parisian Glamour but Little Else: Slower growth at Hermès is more a reflection of its unusual business model than shaky demand. The company can’t expand rapidly as popular products like its Birkin purse are fully handmade, unlike at most other brands. – Read More on the WSJ

2. Fashion’s new generation puts upcycled and digital clothes on the catwalk: “Lateral design is a promising business model, because there are so many clothes in the world already. It’s a different way of doing things, and the only way to figure out if we can scale this business is to try.” – Read More on the Guardian

3. The fashion industry generates tons of waste. These companies are helping brands change that: “Previously, brands had no control over the experience or revenue from their products circulating online.” Resale initiatives are helping to change that. – Read More on B2

4. How Farfetch Is Ramping up Their Bets in China: When it comes to observing the share of the online business, China continues to grow strongly with brands and platforms investing in the online field, expecting to reach 30 percent of the China market in 2022 with a growth rate of about 56 percent. – Read More on Jing

5. E-Commerce Lost Market Share in 2021: U.S. e-commerce penetration decreased in 2021 because offline retail grew faster than e-commerce for the first time in history, and the online shopping boost from the Covid-19 pandemic cooled off. – Read More on Marketplace Pulse