Image: Unsplash

1. Vietnam’s fashion market is booming and attracting brands like Louis Vuitton, Uniqlo and Zara: Long a power in global textile and garment manufacturing, Vietnam is taking on a new role: a fast-growing consumer market. The next 10 years will be a ‘pivotal period for the growth of luxury shopping across the country.’ – Read More on SCMP 

2. As Victoria’s Secret’s star wanes, the lingerie market is growing more fragmented: Victoria’s Secret’s market share has declined for years — a combination of a dated approach, oversexualized images and a plethora of competition. But the number of startups and retailers vying to take a slice of the business that previously belonged to Victoria’s Secret hasn’t slowed down. – Read More on Modern Retail 

3. Can sneakers ever really be sustainable? “As long as these brands are pursuing growth, they are not creating sustainability and cannot make any claims about sustainability.” Nike and Adidas need more than recycled products if they’re serious about saving the planet. – Read More on Input

4. We bought dozens of products from AliExpress, Amazon, eBay, Walmart and Wish. Over half were suspected fakes. From MAC lipstick and Kylie Cosmetics lip kits to Nike sneakers and Valentino shoes, each product listing seemed legitimate, with some prices that compared to retail stores and official-looking advertisements. – Read More on CBC

5. What Makes a $60,000 Watch So Expensive? It can take years of research to perfect a movement’s flow, a case’s ideal weight or the optimal way to fit each component together beneath the dial. A lofty sticker price recoups such development expenses. Finally, there’s the brand name. “You’re paying for that status symbol and name recognition.” – Read More on WSJ