Image: Ralph Lauren

1. Amazon Marketplace is 25% of US e-commerce: Amazon’s share as a retailer is 17%. However, it would theoretically be the largest online retailer even without the marketplace. Walmart, the closest competitor, is less than half its size. It takes combining Walmart with the next five mass-market retailers to get to Amazon’s size. – Read More on Marketplace Pulse 

2. Morocco’s e-commerce boom has outlasted its lockdown: As of 2020, more than 1,000 e-commerce websites were operating in Morocco. That year, such sites saw a 46% increase in transaction volume and 25% increase in amount of money spent compared to the same period in 2019. – Read More on Quartz

3. Clothing repairs are brands’ easier, cheaper path to circular fashion: Part of the appeal of repairs is that they are relatively inexpensive and simple, compared to the more complex process of recycling old products into new ones. – Read More on Glossy

4. RELATED READ: Companies are Pushing for Circularity and Raising Legal Questions in the Process. To date, refurbishment has ruffled feathers in instances where trademark-bearing products are modified and then subsequently sold without the original manufacturer’s authorization and/or without proper disclosure to alert consumers of such modifications. – Read More on TFL

5. Can Meta and the Metaverse Save Retail? No longer seen as strictly a game, the metaverse is being viewed by more and more investors as a serious real estate investing opportunity. Likewise, an increasing number of retailers have been gradually making their way into the metaverse. – Read More on Motley Fool

6. From Roblox to Red Sox, 55-Year-Old Ralph Lauren Is Reinventing Itself: “Our better-than-expected results across all three regions are a testament to the outstanding work our teams have done to fundamentally reposition our business, elevate our brand and pivot to offense.” – Read More on PYMNTS