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1. Too nice for the likes of us: why buying fancy stuff makes us miserable. Despite consumers’ expectations that buying a Gucci belt or a Hermès scarf would prove a pick-me-up, they actually experienced a “dissonance between what luxury represents and who they truly are,” according to a recent study. “And that generated what we call the impostor syndrome of luxury consumption.” – Read More on the Guardian

2. Italy sees fashion sales hit due to China virus, Pandora warns of business freeze: Italy’s fashion industry expects revenues to fall 1.8% in the first half of 2020 due as the coronavirus outbreak hits sales, an industry official said on Tuesday, as jewelry maker Pandora warned business in China had ground to a halt. – Read More on Reuters

3. What Is the Future of the Fashion Show? “The purpose of fashion shows  is to help luxury brands communicate and to continue to make that brand’s audience dream. What that means [for the future] is that we need to continue to make people dream in a more efficient, shorter way, and in a way that the POV of the audience matters more than the one from the traditional media.” – Read More on Vogue

4. People of color speak up about navigating the fashion industry: Designers that borrow from a particular culture’s aesthetic may be attempting to show cultural appreciation. However, insufficient research can turn this into a clear act of cultural appropriation.” – Read More on Fashion Journal