Image: Hermes

1. Why some DTC brands are pulling out of Amazon: Concerns include increasingly competing with counterfeit items, as well as difficulty handling customer service independently from Amazon. All three companies had frustrations with the opaque algorithm that favors some items over others, along with a lack of access to their own customers’ data. – Read More on Modern Retail

2. With lipsticks, Hermes branches into competitive cosmetics world: The roll-out of its nearly $70 lipsticks brings more accessible ranges to a company known for bags that can sell for over $10,000, while cosmetics are often a highly profitable sideline for fashion firms. – Read More on Yahoo

3. RETRO READ: What is the State of Luxury’s Hundred Million Dollar Licensing Deals? Forget the runway. What consumers across the globe are buying – and buying a lot of – you are not going to find there. Instead, you will find them coming from Coty or Luxottica or Interparfums. – Read More on TFL

4. LVMH set to raise $10 billion-plus from bond markets for Tiffany deal: The company is also set to achieve an extremely attractive funding rate with a portion of the debt likely to carry a negative yield, by Reuters calculations. Such a rate could potentially provide encouragement for other companies planning acquisitions. – Read More on Reuters 

5. On TikTok, who owns a viral dance? “Renegade” and the thorny ethics of the world’s most popular dance memes. The Renegade is just one of the dozens of viral internet dances whose choreographers have gone largely unacknowledged as they take over the world. – Read More on Vox

6. The drive toward sustainability in packaging: Consumer awareness to packaging waste in oceans and landfills is driving change, and some of the largest and most developed countries and regions are taking significant steps to introduce regulations to drive sustainability. – Read More on McKinsey