1. Chinese Investors Hunt Globe for Strategic Luxury Market Acquisitions: Chinese buyers are showing a greater interest in acquiring heritage brands that are no longer active but do provide a shortcut to showcasing heritage. – Read More on Jing

2. Excess stock a challenge for half of U.S. retailers: “Excess stock is a huge issue for U.S. merchants at this time of year. The key to avoiding inventory waste is by forward planning and having rapid response software that allows retailers to pivot quickly to fill order gaps and ditch items which are not selling.” – Read More on RCE

3. Footwear’s Trendy Comeback: Retail. On’s co-CEO said wholesale gives the company access to the “right customer quicker and at a bigger scale,” while its direct channel gives it a more “intense and direct connection” with its consumers. – Read More on the WSJ

4. Yuga Labs Reaches Settlement in Bored Ape NFTs Trademark Lawsuit: Yuga Labs, the parent company of the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT project, has reached a settlement with Thomas Lehman, who built websites and smart contracts for Ryder Ripp’s copycat project “RR/BAYC.” – Read More on Yahoo

5. How designers are leveraging tech to apply the brakes to fast fashion: Consumers are becoming more conscious of the costs of fast fashion – and so are manufacturers as they reform their supply chains to increase transparency and, at the same time, avoid over-production and waste. – Read More on Tech Monitor

6. Amazon swings to a loss for 2022 as sales from e-commerce drop in Q4: Amazon’s revenue growth increased, even as its core e-commerce business came under pressure from growing recession fears. – Read More on Modern Retail