Image: Universal Standard

1. Target hatches a billion dollar plan to challenge Nike and Under Armour: Later this month Target will debut a new athleticwear brand dubbed All in Motion. It’s a private label collection that spans T-shirts, tank tops, polo shirts, pants, leggings, sports bras, swimwear, yoga mats and hand weights, and Target believes it could be a billion dollar sales brand in the first year of availability. – Read More on Yahoo 

2. Universal Standard co-founder Alexandra Waldman on making fashion for the 70%: “Let’s face it, this is how we change the perception of beauty: by seeing it over and over. If you’re just seeing one particular model — one face or one archetype — then you’re forced to judge yourself by how far you are from that archetype.” – Read More on Glossy 

3. A New Market for On-Demand Luxury Fashion Delivers: Rent the Runway wasn’t able to provide data on how much of its current business is delivered to hotels or customers on the go, travelers have anecdotally used their service for rentals when traveling either for work, weddings, or vacations. – Read More on Skift 

4. Victoria’s Secret’s Image Is Hurting L Brands: L Brands recognizes the need to reposition Victoria’s Secret, the concern is this: Can a brand with such a strong image truly revamp to please a customer who is looking for just the opposite? Can shoppers imagine a Victoria’s Secret without the vision of models with angel wings strutting down the runway popping into their minds? – Read More on Motley Fool

5. Vogue Italia’s latest issue is greenwashing at its finest: ‘Vogue Italia’ replaced photo spreads with drawings to reveal the environmental cost of making a fashion magazine. The stunt doesn’t offer any real solutions. – Read More on Fast Co.