Image: Topshop

1. Luxury Turns From Conspicuous to Conscientious in 2021: While the affluent consumers are more shielded from economic ups-and-downs than those with less financial resources, they weren’t immune from its effects during the 2008-2009 recession. Back then, they took a hiatus from ‘shop-till-you-drop’ spending and waited till the worse was over before reentering the luxury market. The same scenario is likely to occur again. – Read More on Forbes

2. How Coco Chanel changed the course of women’s fashion: As well as revolutionizing how we dress, she helped form a new ideal of what a fashion brand could be: an all-encompassing force that could tend to all aspects of a woman’s life, from formal attire to holiday wardrobes and evening ones. – Read More on CNN

3. RETRO READ: Chanel and the Controversial Entrepreneur Who Started it All. Coco Chanel – whose image and likeness is identifiable outside of the hallowed walls of the fashion industry and whose famed quotes appear in the social media bio lines of many a millennial fashion fan – has “been front and center of the story” of Chanel, as has her “ability to spot market opportunities and then align fashion and fragrances with emerging lifestyle trends.” – Read More on TFL

4. Five changes to watch for in shopping as major retailers innovate to go “green.” More than half of consumers — 57% — say they are willing to change their purchasing behavior “to help reduce negative environmental impact,” according to a study of 18,980 consumers in 29 countries conducted by the National Retail Federation. – Read More on CNBC

5. Topshop changed the fashion industry, but now it too has been left behind: The sale of Topshop is also a symptom of our changing relationship with fashion. The trend cycle that Topshop once stoked continued to pick up speed, and more dexterous competitors started to meet the demand for increasingly faster fashion. – Read More on the Guardian

6. RELATED READ: Topshop – How the Once-Trendsetting Brand Fell Behind the Times. Arcadia’s hold on the high street has waned over the years with dozens of outlets closing nationwide, and many industry experts and past employees, alike, laying the blame at Arcadia owner and chairman Philip Green’s feet, citing lack of investment in online retailing and outdated ways of sourcing product. – Read More on TFL