1. Web3 could help fashion become more sustainable: The ravenous appetite of fast fashion shoppers isn’t settling anytime soon, and fashion’s supply chain remains quite arduous on the environment. A possible step toward finding the multiple solutions needed to fix this damaging sector is, well, embracing more web3. – Read More on TechCrunch

2. Retail execs are questioning how long they can raise prices: As Wall Street presses retailers to prop up margins, only one-third of those executives interviewed in the report were “very confident” about boosting margins or holding on to the margins they have. – Read More on MarketWatch

3. Lacoste Owner Looks to Snap Up More Brands as Sales Surge:  They are looking for brands that transcended borders and had at least €500 million in annual sales. Targets don’t necessarily need to be in fashion, and could be in areas like hospitality or experience, but do need to be upmarket. – Read More on the WSJ

4. The Future of Retail Isn’t Direct-to-Consumer: There’s another benefit to setting up shop in a place where you’re more likely to get local customers: Access to reliable shopper data. – Read More on Inc.

5. How the fashion industry is tackling sustainable packaging: “Consumers, investors, and regulators will grow increasingly hostile to any company, fashion or otherwise, that does not operate in a sufficiently sustainable way. The packaging used by fashion companies can have a big impact on their overall environmental footprint.” – Read More on Packaging Gateway