Image: Burberry

1. The rise of heels for men: Sales of high heels for men have been on the upturn since 2017 and searches for “men’s heels” have grown by 30%, according to – Read More on the Guardian

2. Purging Your Stuff Is the New Conspicuous Consumption: Americans are “moving away from pride of ownership, which has been the bedrock of our capitalist society.” – Read More on Bloomberg 

3. RETRO READ: When Customers Want to See the Human Behind the Product. Companies recognize the value of authenticity — whether it is Harley Davidson trademarking the distinct sound of its V-Twin engine, Krispy Kreme donuts boasting that they have kept their same recipe since 1937, or luxury brands like Rolex simply providing a certificate of authenticity. It turns out that one simple way to create authenticity, however, is to emphasize human involvement in the product. – Read More on HBR 

4. ‘They drove themselves into a brick wall’: While analysts and industry observers say that Forever 21’s e-commerce operations could use a refresh, they maintain that the company’s biggest problems remain the size of its stores, its cluttered layout, and a failure to respond to fashion trends as quickly as competitors. – Read More on Modern Retail 

5. Model juror? Among the 120 or so potential jurors who reported for duty on Monday morning in New York for determination of who will be part of a 12 member jury for Harvey Weinstein’s criminal trial was Gigi Hadid, who told the judge she could be objective — despite having met the defendant and Salma Hayek, one of his alleged victims. – Read More on THR 

6. The Sorry State Of High Street Shopping For Plus-Size Women: Fifty-five percent of plus-size women avoid in-store shopping not due to a lack of interest but because they know their size isn’t available. – Read More on R29