1. Head to Tokyo or Seoul for the Latest Gucci and Louis Vuitton: Even with China’s sudden reopening, the market is set to remain volatile: Other countries have issued visa restrictions on Chinese travelers, and luxury executives are still deciphering spending habits and the government’s drive for “common prosperity.” – Read More on the Washington Post

2. Adidas says Berlin Fashion Week launch and co-CEO announcements are fake: Several press releases allegedly sent from Adidas about a Berlin Fashion Week launch, its treatment of workers abroad and other topics related to its business structure were fake, according to the company. – Read More on CNBC

3. Netflix results, retail sales, Davos: “While consensus views a 2023 recession as inevitable, we find ourselves contemplating the old adage: ‘Never bet against the US consumer.'” – Read More on Yahoo Finance

4. Luxury giant LVMH hits 400 billion euro in market value: “They are firing their last cartridge which is the Chinese reopening, going forward things will get tougher: tough comparisons, dollar going down.” – Read More on Reuters

5. Market-leading US companies consolidate power in era of ‘superstar’ firms: The tech antitrust bill, held up by the 2022 midterm elections, is designed to stop Big Tech companies like Apple and Amazon from favoring their own services. It would represent a reversal of a long-held laissez-faire attitude of regulators. – Read More on S&P Global

6. How Retailers Can Ready Their E-Commerce for 2023 With AI: AI can be used by online retailers to meet a range of business-specific objectives, including making first-party and measurement data from across the ad stack actionable in the buying process, and boosting e-commerce conversions. – Read More on Total Retail