Image: Prada

1. Prada points to pent-up luxury demand with 2021 sales surge: Prada said on Tuesday that group sales last year rose 41% at constant exchange rates to 3.364 billion euros ($3.83 billion), 8% above 2019 levels. – Read More on Reuters

2. What Inflation Is Doing to Luxury Buyers in China, the US & the EU: Thanks to inflation, luxury goods will become even more expensive as raw material prices climb. To be sure, this situation will put luxury brands in a tricky situation as it will force them to pass on price hikes on consumers. – Read More on Jing

3. Designing Your Company’s Sustainability Report: When measuring and communicating corporate sustainability performance through sustainability reports or ratings, executives face a rapidly evolving and complex set of choices. As a result, companies are at risk of falling behind or choosing inappropriate reports and ratings that don’t drive sustainability performance and open the door to accusations of greenwashing. – Read More on HBR

4. Walmart U.S. President and CEO John Furner on the ‘next normal’ for the retail industry: Consumers love ecommerce in all its various forms, but they also love going to the store. In fact, Walmart has reported increased store traffic in recent quarters. – Read More on NRF

5. Venture capitalists invested more money than ever into start-ups last year: Venture capitalists pumped $328.8 billion into U.S. start-ups and $61.8 billion into Chinese start-ups in 2021, while they only invested $39.8 billion in U.K. start-ups. But VC investment in the U.K. and Europe is growing faster than it is in the U.S. and China. – Read More on CNBC

6. Can this online sneaker store from Hong Kong compete with StockX and Goat? Hong Kong-based shoe retailer Sneaker Surge has had an interesting few years that stretch back to 2019 and the citywide anti-government protests that made it difficult to stock local shops. – Read More on SCMP