Image: Yeezy Gap

1. Is Kanye West Good for Gap? When the collab was announced, Gap said that the first Yeezy Gap pieces would launch in 2020, followed by a full collection of apparel and accessories in 2021. So far, just two items have launched. The slow rollout has frustrated Gap. – Read More on the FT

2. U.S. goods trade deficit hits record high; retail inventories surge: Goods imports increased 2.0% to $258.3 billion, likely as the backlog at ports continued to be cleared. The increase in imports was driven by capital goods, motor vehicles and consumer goods. – Read More on Reuters

3. RELATED READ: Supply Shortages Will Continue in 2022, But So Will the Issue of Excess Stock. This is what happens when demand temporarily changes. The effect magnifies with each tier of the supply chain as every supplier adds an extra buffer to their order to be on the safe side. Minute changes in customer demand can, therefore, result in huge extra demand for raw materials. – Read More on TFL

4. The future of retail: more self-service. While 72% of retail sales are expected to take place in brick-and-mortar stores in 2024, merchants are busy installing interactive signage, smart price tags, and remote checkout systems that point to a very different customer experience. – Read More on Axios

5. Will social shopping even the e-commerce playing field? “Any brand can sell via social commerce, and any individual can now become or create a ‘brand’ of their own and reach a market directly. This has hugely positive implications for small businesses and entrepreneurs as they are able to reach potentially massive markets that were simply not available to them before.” – Read More on RetailWire