1. Italy Starts Seizing Large-Scale Fake E-Commerce Websites: Italian officials have this week begun seizing what could be one of the world’s largest networks of online fake shops that have defrauded customers by appearing to offer discounted goods from luxury brands that never materialize. – Read More on Bloomberg

2. Following a wave of retail IPOs, delisting notices hit the industry: Investors are losing confidence in some retailers’ ability to perform in a climate where shoppers are pulling back spending, supply chain constraints impact operations and a possible recession is looming. – Read More on Modern Retail

3. ‘Cultural appropriation’ testimony derails ‘O.M.G.’ dolls trademark trial: A California federal judge declared a mistrial on Wednesday in a trademark lawsuit brought by toymaker MGA Entertainment Inc to contest claims that it copied designs for its “L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G.” dolls from pop group OMG Girlz. – Read More on Reuters

4. Is Dall-E the Next Dior? How AI Is Trying to ‘Make It Work’ in Fashion: As the AI art generators that have been “stealing work” from artists and even winning art competitions begin to move on to new industries like fashion. – Read More on PC Mag

5. Building the Circular Economy: Finance leadership in the sustainable fashion revolution. The fashion industry it may be on the cusp of a revolution in how it sources materials based on reuse rather than new production. – Read More on Forbes

6. Skinny jeans still a great fit in shrinking economy, Levi CEO says: Bergh said the company’s top-selling women’s items were the 311 and the 721 – both skinny jeans – although half of its revenue in the bottoms category in the quarter came from looser and baggier fits. – Read More on Reuters