Image: Nordstrom

1. Japan’s fashion industry gets a green makeover: A study by the Environment Ministry showed that only 4 percent of shoppers actively buy sustainable fashion. Another 51 percent “have interest” in sustainability issues but this does not translate into action, while 41 percent said they do not care. – Read More on Straits Times

2. India’s Future Retail asks court to declare arbitration with Amazon illegal: The long-running dispute is being heard by a Singapore arbitration panel, but both sides have been fighting parallel cases in Indian courts to enforce or overrule certain decisions taken by the arbitrator. – Read More on Reuters

3. Nordstrom to Sell Second-Hand Apparel: The six-month pilot will operate somewhat differently from how other retailers procure and resell merchandise, as Nordstom plans to source clothing from its own inventory. The items in question have been returned, cleaned and in some cases repaired. – Read More on PYMNTS

4. China to tighten copyright protection in livestreaming, e-commerce platforms by 2025: Copyright protection will be strengthened and improved in new industries and new areas, according to the 14th Five-Year Plan for Copyright Work issued by the National Copyright Administration. – Read More on Reuters

5. Industry-Wide Efforts Will be Needed to Build on Sustainability Progress: Retailers are backing recycled materials to help cut emissions and minimize waste, positioning them as a more responsible alternative than producing new products, positively impacting the value chain and creating an attractive point of sale for consumers wanting to shop more sustainably.” – Read More on Retail TouchPoints