1. What to Watch: The CEO Search Goes On at Supreme-owner VF, Kohl’s, Gap and The RealReal. CEO searches are harder today since it is no longer enough to be good at retail or good at e-commerce, but brands of all stripes need to be good at both and figure out how to bring the two sides of the business together with the right balance. – Read More on Yahoo

2. In the cost-of-living crisis, should fashion brands tighten their belts? Another sector that has seen a swift change has been the fashion industry, with clothing brands seeing a 2% year-on-year decline in sales, and a month-on-month drop from July to August of 11%. – Read More on the Drum

3. Shopify launches new subscription product to lure big retail clients: The company said it had signed up toymaker Mattel Inc for the product, and was looking to bring other enterprise clients it works with, such as Glossier, Coty, Steve Madden and Staples, onboard. – Read More on Reuters

4. Stella McCartney on Building a More Sustainable Fashion Industry in 2023: “Greenwashing is a phrase for a reason. Our industry is very good at PR and very good at making things seem other than they really are.” – Read More on Vogue

5. RELATED READ: Amid Increasing Scrutiny, How Brands Can Counter the Risk of Greenwashing. For those businesses wishing to avoid the perception of greenwashing, the introduction of “ESG” clauses into supply chain contracts, while useful, is not a solution in and of itself. – Read More on TFL