Image: Amazon

1. Gen Z is reinventing social media marketing: Young people aged 16 to 24 spent an average of seven hours per day online in 2019, three of which were spent exclusively on social media, and they uses social media primarily for entertainment, so brands targeting this audience need to plug into platforms like TikTok. – Read More on Vogue Business 

2. Facebook’s Deepfakes Policy ‘Inadequate’ to Some Lawmakers: The criticism, in interviews, on Twitter, and in a hearing on Capitol Hill Wednesday, followed the unveiling of the social media giant’s policy to remove video forgeries produced with the aid of artificial intelligence that show people doing and saying things they never did. – Read More on Bloomberg 

3. RETRO READ: How Do You Solve a Problem Like Deepfakes?While the challenges this phenomenon poses are “very clear,” the law is, unsurprisingly, not. This imbalance is unsurprising given that technology almost always develops at a rate much faster than the laws needed to regulate it.  – Read More on TFL 

4. Amazon is said to be preparing a luxury fashion platform: Its luxury venture will operate similar to the concession model seen in department stores and specialty retailers, where brands effectively lease space or pay a percentage of sales to run their own mini-shops within the store. – Read More on Yahoo 

5. America’s Affordable Luxury Brands’ Problems Run Deeper Than the Trade War: Michael Kors and Kate Spade continue to attempt to position themselves as lifestyle brands with wider product offerings. So far, there has been little in the way of results so far and this revamp mission is not without constant challenges.– Read More on Jing 

6. ‘Even when we’re fat, we still want to be fashionable’. Berlin-based blogger Caterina Pogorzelski says, “Of course there’s clothing in larger sizes, but not enough.” Most items are either too cheap or too expensive, she says – the mid-range is lacking. – Read More on SCMP