Image: Curology

1. A brand’s product may be perfect, but if it’s packaged poorly all bets are off. Turns out, a product’s packaging can make or break both a company’s bottom line and the customer experience. – Read More on Modern Retail

2. RETRO READ: Glossier Filed 2 Trademark Applications This Spring That Say a Lot About Modern Branding. Packaging, if done right, can function in just the same way – or potentially, even more enticing (and thus, efficient) ways – than conventional trademarks like a brand name or logo by enabling consumers to connect a product and its packaging with a single source, and in the process, communicating important messaging to consumers about the brand’s reputation, values, and other core identity elements. – Read More on TFL

3. How Luxury Is Reinventing Itself: Differential pricing and discounts across channels may result in cannibalization. In exchange for their cooperation, brand owners can display empathy by relaxing terms concerning the key performance indicators typically found in distributorship contracts. German automaker Porsche, for example, is guaranteeing payouts, extending finance and easing up on dealer performance objectives during this turbulent period. – Read More on INSEAD

4. Can Uniqlo, a Japanese label famous for its simplicity take over the fashion world? Back in 1998, Uniqlo introduced a fleece, and it was an immediate hit. Launched in the wake of the Asian financial crisis, the top was noteworthy because it was so cheap – it sold for just $19, around half the price of those in other shops. Two million were sold within 12 months. Within two years, enough fleeces had been bought to clothe nearly a third of the population of Japan. – Read More on the Economist (via Redef)

5. Maximizing the Benefits of Board Diversity: Lessons Learned From Activist Investing. “We recommend that boards recruit gender, racially, and ethnically diverse candidates who, … enhance diversity on two additional levels: first, by adding new professional backgrounds, skills, and experiences … and second, by introducing new views, perspectives.” – Read More on Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance

6. Luxury brands turn from Hong Kong to mainland Chinese consumers still eager to shop: Despite the economic shock of the coronavirus, analysts say China’s demand for luxury goods hasn’t waned much – and it’s drawing top brands from Hong Kong to the mainland. “Most established brands (LV, Gucci, Cartier, Chanel, Dior, etc.) saw sales increase by 40-90 percent in early June.” – Read More on CNBC