Image: Louis Vuitton

1. Are your favorite fashion brands using forced labor? By continually demanding shorter turnaround times and lower prices from their suppliers and fueling competition among supplier factories, fashion and retail brands make it difficult for factory owners to adhere to labor laws and standards. – Read More on Al Jazeera

2. More hours, less money: Garment workers hit by COVID-19 rights rollback. “Wage theft is intrinsic to the business model of global fashion brands, and it has been exacerbated by the pandemic,” said Anannya Bhattacharjee, international coordinator with Asia Floor Wage Alliance (AFWA), which represents garment workers. – Read More on Reuters

3. U.S. Business Groups Urge Trade Chief to Forgo Vietnam Tariffs: The U.S.’s biggest business organizations in areas from food to fashion asked the nation’s trade chief to refrain from resorting to tariffs as a remedy in its trade disputes with Vietnam. – Read More on Bloomberg

4. Gaming is entering its fashion-forward phase: Riot is folding high fashion into its mainstream marketing to appeal to the players that want something more from the developer’s virtual worlds. “We really do see League as not just a game anymore, I think it’s become a lifestyle for our fans.” – Read More on Washington Post

5. Bloomingdale’s New Bloomie’s Store Model Charts the Future of Multi-Brand Luxury Retail: More than relevancy, it brings a new intimacy between customers and the brand. “A smaller-format footprint, like Bloomie’s, with its highly-curated, lighter but still commercial-touch, can really work.” – Read More on Forbes