1. Prada Seeks to Fashion Greener Luxury Brand Under Future CEO: Italian luxury fashion house Prada is stepping up its sustainability drive by trying to lower its carbon footprint, using more recycled nylon and looking for alternatives to leather. – Read More on Bloomberg

2. How Capital Markets are Helping Scale Circular Fashion: “We’ve already seen strong consumer and investor interest in companies with circular fashion business models.” – Read More on Morgan Stanley

3. How are luxury brands joining the resale race? A recent study from Bain predicted that by 2030, resale could provide 20% of a modern luxury brand’s revenue. This is no exception in the luxury watch space: the second-hand watch market is expected to grow to $30 billion by 2025. – Read More on WatchPro

4. The Metaverse Is Still Messy: “The real value is combinatorial and that’s what really doesn’t exist today … This is the primary impediment in the metaverse today.” – Read More on Wired

5. Retailers rush to cover abortion care: It’s not immediately clear how many employees will be covered by these new policies, particularly since many large retailers typically employ a variety of part-time, full-time and contract employees. – Read More on Modern Retail