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1. Tapestry Board Had Opened Probe Into CEO Jide Zeitlin Before He Resigned: The parent company of Coach and Kate Spade said Mr. Zeitlin had resigned Tuesday for personal reasons. The 56-year-old executive later disclosed he had quit to avoid causing the luxury-goods company a distraction over allegations about a romantic relationship predating his becoming CEO. – Read More on the WSJ

2. How little is too little to pay for a t-shirt? What’s the difference between good value and a bargain for which someone else pays the price? Boohoo may be in the dock for its alleged reliance on sweatshops, but are we really surprised? Surely it doesn’t take Philip Green to work out that if you charge £3 for something that takes 30 minutes to make, using fabrics, dyes or bleaching from across the globe, and then transport it across the planet and pay the incurred import duties, then someone and something (the planet) is getting a bad deal. – Read More on the Telegraph

3. RELATED READ: Recurring revelations of subpar working conditions and grossly-imbalanced pay structures raise questions about how fast is “too fast” when it comes to fashion, and how cheap is simply too cheap? The problem, in many cases, is that consumers have come to expect increasingly inexpensive wares. – Read More on TFL

4. Walmart, Target, and CVS team up to reinvent single-use plastic bags: “We have to approach this as an industry,” says Kathleen McLaughlin, executive vice president and chief sustainability officer at Walmart. “Walmart’s not going to figure that out on their own, nor is Target, nor is Kroger.” – Read More on Fast Co.

5. What If Your Clothes Could Protect You From Viruses, Keep You Cool, and Simplify Your Life? “The antimicrobial technology isn’t necessarily new, but the applications are more refined and are now extending far beyond medical equipment and high performance sportswear into everyday life. I see it as a burgeoning category.” – Read More on Vogue