1. Chanel Misses Interim Renewables Target in Sustainable Bond: The fashion giant Chanel missed an interim renewable energy target for 2021. Instead of meeting 97% of its electricity needs from renewable sources, it only reached 92%. – Read More on Bloomberg

2. US fashion industry: Bangladesh to get more orders than China, Vietnam over next 2 years. When asked from which countries or regions the US fashion companies planned to increase their sourcing value in the next two years, India led the way, followed by CAFTA-DR region and Bangladesh, with all three selected by more than half of surveyed parties. – Read More on Biz Standard

3. French agency to track impact of clothing industry on climate: The French Agency for Ecological Transition is looking to gather information on the origins of raw materials in clothing, what dyes were used, how far products travelled, and whether factories used solar energy or coal. – Read More on RFI

4. Mexico concerned by Chinese retailer Shein’s use of a Mayan design: The Culture Ministry said some details of Shein’s “Fan-Trim Top with Floral Print” were similar to a traditional huipil embroidery made in 2017 by an artisanal clothing brand from southeastern Mexico. – Read More on Reuters

5.  Instagram is fueling a thrifting boom in India, Pakistan, and Nepal: Numerous Instagram-based thrift stores have emerged across India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Nepal over the last three years, making the concept of secondhand fashion popular among young shoppers. These thrift stores have become a lucrative business for many young entrepreneurs. – Read More on Rest of World