1. L’Oreal may continue to raise prices in a targeted manner, CEO says: The company has seen no reduction in volumes of goods sold, rather “we have so far continued to see upgrading of consumers in every category.” – Read More on Reuters

2. ESG Reports Aren’t a Replacement for Real Sustainability: Companies should undertake SWOT analyses through a sustainability lens, look specifically for material ESG issues that are resulting in risks and opportunities for the company, and then undertake and track return on sustainable investment, setting benchmarks and tracking financial performance over time. – Read More on HBR

3. Luxury sees gateway in Hainan: Last year, sales of personal luxury products in Hainan accounted for 13 percent of the total revenue of 470 billion yuan ($69.4 billion) nationwide. And 21 percent of global luxury sales revenue came from China. – Read More on China Daily

4. Rent the Runway’s CEO on How it Survived the Pandemic: “We realized that customers actually did like to buy clothes from us. Just a different way to shop for secondhand clothing that feels less like a treasure hunt and more like just a regular eCommerce experience.” – Read More on the WSJ

5. Korean fashion industry hit by COVID-19 resurgence, soaring inflation: The daily number of new COVID-19 infections is surging at a rapid pace and the soaring cost of living is slowing down consumer spending on fashion items. – Read More on Korea Times