Image: Michael Kors

1. Have Your Privacy Policies Kept Up with Your Digital Transformation? For every business that shifts operations online, there are potential privacy pitfalls that will prove very damaging if mismanaged, and as new regulations are set to go into force in the United States, the stakes for getting this pivot right are higher than ever before. – Read More on HBR

2. Pandemic Continues to Dull Allure of Luxury Goods: The pandemic is likely to hit demand for luxury goods hard, with tourism expected to be in a downturn for some time and the Chinese economy having slowed after driving substantial growth in recent years. Spending in Asia-Pacific on luxury goods is set to contract by 3.4 percent this year, a fall of $2.1 billion compared to 2019. – Read More on PYMNTS

3. Retailers are holding 2020 fashion for 2021 to avoid discounts: On a call with investors, John Idol, CEO of Capri Holdings, which owns Michael Kors, Versace, and Jimmy Choo, said that’s the route the company will take with much of its summer inventory, which never even made it to stores. “We’re repurposing that for spring season next year.” – Read More on Quartz

4. In Fashion, Who Will Cancel the Cancelers? “We’ve moved past Diet Prada because no one holds Diet Prada accountable. DP is able to have ‘Black Lives Matter’ in their bio and at the same time uphold tokenism in the industry. You can’t do both. Where is the credibility in that?” – Read More on GQ

5. RETRO READ: Meet Tony Liu and Lindsey Schuyler, the Duo Behind Diet Prada. As for whether their budding new friendships with brands – do not overlook the current season Prada looks that they are wearing in some of their personal Instagram photos; gifts from the brand, of course – will impact the objectivity of their content, that is to be seen. It is womicharth noting, though, that the two have been clear in their desire to be fashion industry insiders, telling The Cut, for instance, that they want a spot on Business of Fashion’s BoF 500 list. – Read More on TFL

6. Your business can’t beat Amazon—but there’s still a way to coexist: If you want to succeed in retail these days, your only course of action is to figure out something that Amazon can’t do that you can do in a more frictionless, designed, aspirational, and brand-worthy way. That’s what CEO Niraj Shah did with online retailer Wayfair: he figured out frictionless in a big enough category—furniture—that it actually mattered. – Read More on Fast Co.