1. Fashion industry driving demand for green shipping, Maersk says. Fashion brands are a key driver of demand for green shipping fuels, according to shipping group Maersk, as the sector faces pressure from consumers and regulators to reduce their climate footprint. – Read More on Reuters

2. H&M, Shein Explore New Retail Model With Third-Party Brands. The strategy paves the way for customer acquisition and bolstering customer retention, particularly in the face of competition, inflation, and the impending resumption of student loan payments. – Read More on PYMNTS

3. The Shein influencer debacle exposed a very ugly truth about fast fashion. That store that just launched an “eco” line is probably lying to you. It’s likely using a limited number of products to greenwash or overstate the impact of it environmental measures. – Read More on MSNBC

4. RELATED READ: Fashion’s Buzzy Tech Initiatives, Alone, Won’t Solve its Sustainability Issues. Despite widespread marketing, complete with often-glossy imagery, most of these “sustainability”-centric initiatives represent a miniscule amount of a company’s total product offering. – Read More on TFL

5. Skittles maker Wrigley settles with cannabis company over trademark. Wrigley has settled a lawsuit accusing a seller of cannabis-related merchandise of trademark infringement for marketing products under the “ZKITTLEZ” name. – Read More on Reuters

6. FTC wants to ban fake product reviews, warns AI could exacerbate problem. Generative AI tools such as ChatGPT, which can write human-sounding but bogus product reviews, threaten to compound the problem, according to the FTC, as the new technology could enable bad actors to generate significantly higher volumes of fake reviews in order to generate unearned interest in their products. – Read More on CBS