1. What Chinese Consumers Really Think About Sustainability: Although environmental activism in China is tame compared to other nations, mainlanders appear to care more than many of their global peers. – Read More on Jing

2. How an 8-Year-Old L.A. Brand Broke into American Fashion Royalty: Amiri is one of the fastest-rising businesses in American luxury fashion. The label says it will do $250 million in sales this year and $320 million in sales in 2023. – Read More on the WSJ

3. Cryptoverse: The bonfire of the NFTs. Monthly sales volume on the largest NFT marketplace, OpenSea, plunged to $700 million in June, down from $2.6 billion in May and a far cry from January’s peak of nearly $5 billion. – Read More on Reuters

4. The Tribe of Fashion Thrifters Is Growing. ThredUp Invites Brands to Get on Board: Some 57% of consumers resold apparel in 2021 and more than half (53%) reported purchasing secondhand in the last year, up 22 points from 2020. – Read More on Forbes

5. If Luxury Stocks Are a Good Inflation Hedge, Why Is No One Buying? To tempt investors back, luxury brands would need to show continued strong demand from Chinese consumers as Covid-19 restrictions are lifted, as well as robust sales to European and U.S. consumers. – Read More on the WSJ