Image: Ivy Park

1. The coming months will make or break the DTC boom: Over the past two months, digitally native startups have been some of the biggest beneficiaries of store closures. Part of this growth was due to the fact that shoppers had fewer options. Now, shoppers have more options as stores open back up in more states. The coming months will prove just how much of the growth DTC brands experienced was a flash in the pan. – Read More on Modern Retail

2. The fashion industry wants to slow down. Can it? “We can hope. We can’t force. We aren’t going to be the fashion police. It’s not an easy year, and next year is also not going to be easy for anybody. All we can do is suggest, and we can start with our own business. Maybe we can start to create a new normal.” – Read More on the FT

3. Popeyes ditches its goofy branding for a buttoned-up new look: How Popeyes’ chicken sandwich, a Twitter feud, and a global expansion led to a new brand identity. with the immensely successful launch of its chicken sandwich, which sold out in just over a week, and steady sales growth, it was time to reimagine Popeyes’ visual brand in its entirety, and for a whole new audience. – Read more on Fast Co.

4. RETRO READ: Ivy Park and Popeyes – Rival Collections Put the Spotlight on the Branding Power of Color. The rising reliance by companies on color as an integral part of their brand makes sense, as in much the same way as a brand name or logo acts as an immediate indicator of the source of a product or service for consumers, color can play an important source-identifying function, as was made perfectly clear on social media when users began linking Ivy Park’s maroon and orange color scheme to Popeyes. – Read More on TFL

5. Does the coronavirus outbreak change who’s on top in the beauty space? “Overall, brands that have DTC capabilities, retailers that have essential goods obviously are advantaged, and the ones that have a very strong e-commerce channel are also advantaged.” – Read More on Retail Dive