1. Nike to make full exit from Russia: Nike is making a full exit from Russia three months after suspending its operations there, as the pace of Western companies leaving the country accelerates. – Read More on Reuters

2. Fashion Has Abandoned Human Taste: When enough brands and retailers begin using inventory tactics and trend-prediction methods, the results homogenize over time. And more efficient retailers don’t just copy it—they copy one another’s copies. – Read More on the Atlantic

3. If the Metaverse Is Left Unregulated, Companies Will Track Your Gaze and Emotions: Another way to think the metaverse is as a world of surveillance. Meta has already patented technology to build eye tracking and facial expression tracking into the optical equipment worn to access the metaverse. – Read More on Time

4. Tempered by Inflation, Revenge Retail Trend Favors Experiences, Luxury Goods: When Shanghai lifted COVID-19 restrictions on June 1, non-essential luxury retail came back quickly, with “the reopening of high-end mall Plaza 66 last weekend saw lines snaking outside a Hermes store.” – Read More on PYMNTS

5. The retail industry is facing a potential wave of bankruptcies: There could be an increase in distressed retailers beginning later this year, experts say, as ballooning prices dent demand for certain goods, stores contend with bloated inventory levels and a potential recession looms. – Read More on CNBC