1. EU wants all textile waste rules in place by 2028 – commissioner. The European Commission wants all planned regulations requiring fashion companies to produce clothes in a more sustainable way to be in place by 2028, the EU environment commissioner said on Tuesday. – Read More on Reuters

2. Luxury retailers invest in tech and communications as online sales rise. New research shows that up to 28% of luxury goods sales will be online within three years and investment on instore technology will grow. – Read More on RIN

3. Luxury Can Weather Economic Weakness: Diesen. Brands that are “offering really best in class, excellent quality products and services … ultimately are exposed to this very resilient consumer, [and have] really good revenue visibility. Ferrari, for example, has an order book that’s full for the next three years.” – See More on Bloomberg

4. AI is the end of brands as we know them. “Not only has AI collapsed the space between your idea and execution, but so has the influence between institutions and individuals. Building a brand has now become accessible to anyone and everyone. That is why it also has gotten that much more competitive.” – Read More on Fast Co.

5. AI and TV Ads Were Made for Each Other. A string of uncanny videos show what generative A.I. and advertising have in common: They chew up the cultural subconscious and spit it back at us. – Read More on the New York Times

6. South Korea’s spend on luxury goods saw a 24% increase in 2022 to €15.4 billion or about €300 per capita. That’s far more than the €46 and €234 per capita spent by Chinese and American nationals. – Read More on EuroNews