Image: Chanel

1. Men’s Makeup Goes Mainstream With CVS Rollout: On the heels of Chanel introducing a makeup line for men back in 2018, America’s largest drugstore chain CVS is adding cosmetics made specifically for guys to go after a budding “growth industry.”  U.S. men’s grooming and skincare market is valued at $9.3 billion. – Read More on Bloomberg

2. Target CEO Talks About Protests, the Pandemic and Permanent Shifts in Retail: “Long-range planning at Target used to mean thinking three-to-five years in advance. Now, Cornell said, that horizon has shrunk to four weeks, with adjustments needed daily.” – Read More on Co.

3. Why Common Pricing Errors Cost Luxury Brands their Future:  If the most expensive and most value creating brand in the world – i.e., Bugatti – is potentially priced too cheaply, then many other luxury brands may also suffer from this predicament. In other words, many luxury brands may opt out of significant profits by not realizing their pricing potential. – Read More on Jing

4. The Fashion Industry Is Very White. These Three Designers Know That All Too Well: Because Black people are underrepresented across the fashion industry, independent Black designers say the hurdles are much more daunting. “There’s not a lot of Black African Americans in a lot of these rooms in positions of power.” – Read More on WSJ

5. A tech lifeline for events in Africa’s $31 billion fashion industry: Like Congolese designer Anifa Mvuemba, who sent mesmerizing 3D models down a virtual runway to an audience of millions on Instagram, designers across the continent have taken to social media and video streaming to continue to unveil new collections mostly via lookbooks and virtual runway shows from Ghana to South Africa, and Nigeria. – Read More on Techcabal