1. Resetting E-Commerce Expectations: Many businesses show flat or negative year-over-year growth. And new problems, like rising inflation and a possible financial recession, are fueling more uncertainty. – Read More on Marketplace Pulse

2. Industry-linked sustainability standard allows clothing giants to ramp up emissions: “Neither requires any fundamental change in the business model and both could easily increase consumption rather than reduce it, by suggesting to consumers that their shopping is now sustainable.” – Read More on the Intercept

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4. Why ‘Love Island’ is ditching fast fashion in favor of secondhand. It is not uncommon for contestants to leave the show with more than a million followers on social media. This is appealing to brands, who then pay these contestants to advertise their products. – Read More on Fast Co.

5. Missguided went badly off course. Could this become a trend? Fast-fashion shoppers are also facing a big squeeze on their spending power as bills rise. Under-30s’ discretionary income was down 26% in April compared with a year before. – Read More on the Guardian