1. Zalando Wants to Be the Amazon of Fashion: Clothes are a little trickier to sell online. People still like to buy them in person because the feel, the fit, and the small details matter so much. And returns from online purchases are more frequent, especially when you can’t try things on before you buy. – Read More on Barron’s

2. More specialty retailers are launching their own marketplaces: Specialty retailers in all sorts of industries are joining the marketplace bandwagon, and leaning into the dominance they have in their own individual categories. – Read More on Modern Retail

3. Waning Interest in the Metaverse Heralds a New Direction for Digital Fashion: “We’ve certainly noticed that speculation has dialed down, and that people are participating less,” said Adriana Hoppenbrouwer, co-founder and CMO of digital fashion house The Fabricant. – Read More on Jing

4. How AI Is Helping Companies Redesign Processes: AI enables better, faster and more automated decisions, allowing companies to improve efficiency and produce better outcomes. Companies — from banks to industrial firms — are already using AI to transform their processes. – Read More on HBR

5. Enterprise Tech Firms Push Further into Generative AI: The AI-enabled apps are designed to automate repetitive tasks in areas like customer service, sales and marketing—such as writing email replies to customer queries or summarizing sales meetings or generating promotional materials. – Read More on the WSJ