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1. Dapper Dan Collaborates with Gap: As someone who operated outside of the mainstream almost his entire career, becoming the face of an American heritage brand presented a powerful possibility. – Read more on Vanity Fair

2. Did Amazon Fail at Physical Retail? Amazon has also opened its share of physical stores through the years. But like many brick-and-mortar retailers, it has seen sluggish sales from its physical stores. And so now, it’s making plans to shut them down. – Read More on Motley Fool

3. What to Know as U.S., Allies Put Sanctions on Russia: Economic sanctions, export controls and other measures became the main tools of retaliation for the West after President Biden said that the U.S. wouldn’t send troops to defend Ukraine, which isn’t a member of NATO. – Read More on the WSJ

4. RELATED READ: Luxury Goods, Crypto May Be Impacted By New Rounds of Russian Sanctions. Sanctions are expected to impact companies’ abilities “to do business with some existing business partners, to negotiate payment terms with Russian entities, and to transfer payments to and from the Russian Federation.” – Read More on TFL

5. Five Things That Could Keep China from Becoming the Largest Global Luxury Market: Luxury brands can no longer ignore the rise of these new status symbols, as they could trigger revenue losses and jeopardize their market positions. Undeniably, slower sales and revenue growth from these and other trends and incidents could stop China from becoming the world’s largest luxury market in the future. – Read More on Jing Daily