Image: Gucci

1. Zara Owner’s Lesson for Others Is Keep Supplies Close to Home: While its counterparts saw inventory build up as a result of COVID, Inditex managed to reduce inventory because of a combination of factors, notably a centralized system that makes it easier to track each good from entry into a warehouse to sale. It also managed to deal with a 77% surge in online sales by servicing orders from its stores. – Read More on Bloomberg

2. An analysis of 27,000 Instagram images show that fashion’s BLM reckoning was mostly bluster: Many of the 34 fashion and beauty brands surveyed did increase the diversity of skin tones in their Instagram images, but the increases were often only marginal. – Read More on Quartz

3. Zalando aims for more than 10% of Europe fashion market: German online fashion retailer Zalando said it aimed to capture more than 10% of the 450 billion euro ($537 billion) European fashion market in the longer term after coronavirus lockdowns supercharged its growth in 2020. – Read More on Reuters

4. Will U.S. lawmakers rein in marketplace counterfeits? As retailers like Amazon try to police the sale of knockoffs, several congressional bills – such as the Shop Safe Act of 2020 – aim to regulate online merchants to protect consumers and brands. – Read More on Retail Dive

5. RELATED READ: Thanks to a Newly-Introduced Bill, Online Marketplaces May Be Required to Verify & Disclose Seller Information. The INFORM Consumers Act directs online retail marketplaces that include third-party sellers of consumer products to verify the identity of high-volume third-party sellers on the platform, defining “high-volume third-party sellers” as those who have entered into 200 or more discrete transactions in a 12-month period amounting to an aggregate total of $5,000 or more. – Read More on TFL

6. China, digital and youth boost Burberry, Prada and luxury fashion: Upgrading its full-year profit forecast after a promising rebound in sales since December, Burberry – best known for its iconic trench coat – cited Asian retail sales as a boon to global performance over the past couple of weeks. – Read More on Forbes